The governing body for Via de Cristo is called a Secretariat. It is composed of people who have previously attended a weekend and are willing to serve further. Individuals are nominated and formally elected at each year’s annual meeting to three-year terms. The secretariat currently consist of the following positions/individuals:

Your involvement is welcomed and encouraged. Contact any of the listed secretariat members to serve on their committees.

Lay Director: Susan Mason

Head Spiritual Director: David Bradford

Spiritual Director: Mark Moreland

Spiritual Director: Steve Skov

Treasurer: Glen House

Communications: Christine Riser

Leaders: Judy Taylor

Music: Jim O’Hatnick

National Delegate: Gary Mount

Outreach: John Efteland

Pre-Weekend: Crista Froeling

Post-Weekend: Jaye Emrick

Secretary: John McCay

Weekend: Rick Metelka

Team members and past attendees, please Login for password protected Secretariat reports and documents.

The password is the missing word in this statement:
The 3 legs of the stool are Piety, ________ and Action.