Statement of Position

Mission Statement of Via de Cristo (National)

By grace, with the Holy Spirit, we challenge leaders to discover and achieve their personal calling, assisting them to influence their environments with the Gospel.

Tennessee Lutheran Via de Cristo Statement of Position

(approved by the Secretariat April 10, 2014)

Via de Cristo is, by its original structure, an ecumenical movement – ecumenical being an environment where varying denominational perspectives come together to celebrate our commonality as opposed to getting caught up in our differences.

With that as our guide we present our statement of position around that commonality.

We welcome all baptized believers active in congregational life. We place great trust in the Holy Spirit and prayer. Trusting this process, we can welcome Christians approved by their sponsor and endorsed by a member of the clergy (preferably their own pastor). We trust the Spirit has brought them to the weekend through the sponsor and the clergy approving them for attendance. Once an individual attends a weekend they may be offered the opportunity to serve on weekends as called by the prayerful Spirit-led urgings of the Rector.

It is not our role within VdC to ask personal questions that might lead our human nature to judge.

Additionally, our sole purpose on a weekend is to share God’s mighty message – full immersion into the beautiful ocean of grace.

Via de Cristo holds no doctrinal agenda or stance. We are a body of believers serving other believers in a supporting ministry for the strengthening of Christian congregations. We are committed to the proclamation of God’s gift of Grace and strive to let nothing impede that proclamation from being heard by all.